Adult learning happens all around you. It might be in a classroom or training room, but it’s most likely self-directed with a video, app, fact sheet, news article, issue brief, webinar, marketing piece, newsletter or blog post. We use the best available research in learning design and communications to make sure your public learns what they need to know from you.

Content Creation

  • Blogs, articles and web copy

  • Consumer, member, constituent or voter communications

  • Manuals

  • Issue briefs and policy explainers

  • Patient education materials and decision aids

  • Health promotion materials and strategies

  • Forms and instructions

Learning & Curriculum Design

  • Presentations, courses and other face-to-face instructor-led training

  • eLearning courses

  • Webinars

  • Adult education modules

  • New employee training, volunteer orientation, workplace skill building

Training & Coaching

  • Meeting and training facilitation

  • Coaching for experts in science, policy or health who want to communicate more clearly and persuasively

  • Training for experts who want to share ideas with non-experts

  • Training on plain language writing, readability and health literacy

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Usability testing for written materials, apps and websites

  • Focus groups

  • Needs assessment

  • Learning evaluation